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Joni Baker at The Muse Poetry Reading Lisa Cooper, Pete Freas, and others at the Muse Open House

the muse's readings & events

Throughout the year (and usually timed with the completion of our workshop and studio sessions), we hold public readings, open houses, special performances, and special events in the Norfolk, Virginia (VA) area.

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Writers' Happy Hour Every Wednesday

Every week, we'll be visiting a different bar in Norfolk's Ghent!
Join us every Wednesday from 5:15-7 p.m. at a different location in Norfolk's Ghent for an informal get-together where area writers and Muse teachers, students, and friends enjoy conversation, camaraderie, and drinks. Come and join us! Feel free to let us know you're coming on Facebook.

Calendar of Wednesday Writers' Happy Hours:

Wednesday, January 25: The Torch Bistro (601 Orapax St., Norfolk, 23507, 416-6848, a few blocks from The Muse), $2 domestic bottles, $4 well drinks.

Wednesday, February 1: Luna Maya (2010 Colley Ave. and 21st St., Norfolk, 23517, 622-6986), $3 drafts, $6 margaritas and special drinks till 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday, February 8: Tap House Grill (931 W 21st St., Norfolk, 23517, 627-9172), $1 off all drinks.

Wednesday, February 15: A.W. Shucks (2200 Colonial Ave, Norfolk, 23517, 664-9117, in the New Muse Shopping Center); $1 off drinks.

Wednesday, February 22: Plaza Del Sol (2200 Colonial Ave. Suite 1, Norfolk, 23517, 622-2701), $3 well drinks, $4 margaritas, $1 off beers.

Wednesday, March 1: Plaza Del Sol (2200 Colonial Ave. Suite 1, Norfolk, 23517, 622-2701), $3 well drinks, $4 margaritas, $1 off beers.

Wednesday, March 8: The Birch Bar (1231 West Olney Rd., West Ghent, Norfolk, 23507, 962-5400), $5 beer specials.

Wednesday, March 15: Mermaid Winery (330 W. 22nd St., Suite 106, Norfolk, 23517, 233-4155, a few blocks from the New Muse), $5 wine specials, house-made wines, and O'Connor beers.

Wednesday, March 22: 80/20 Burger Bar (123 W. 21st St., Norfolk, 23517, 233-7900, where the old Boot used to be), $1 off all drinks for happy hour.

Wednesday, March 29: Toast (2406 Colonial Ave., Norfolk, 23517, a few blocks from the New Muse), $1 off all drinks.

Wednesday, April 5: Tortilla West (508 Orapax St., West Ghent, Norfolk, 23507, 440-3777), $1 off drinks, $3.50 well drinks.

Wednesday, April 12: Cafe Stella (1907 Colonial Ave., Ghent, Norfolk, 23517, 625-0461) $1 off wines by the glass and beer.

Wednesday, April 19: Smartmouth Brewing Company (1309 Raleigh Ave., Norfolk, 23507, 624-3939), great beer specials.

Wednesday, April 26: Chow Restaurant & Bar (5103 Colley Ave, Norfolk, 23508, 321-2923); $1 off all drinks.

Wednesday, May 3: MJ’s Tavern (4019 Granby St., Norfolk, 23504, 648-8942), $1 off all beer and liquor drinks, great wine specials.

January Reading Series

Please support our restaurant host and have dinner and drinks at the reading. Make a reservation—it guarantees you a space. As these are special events, please be aware that most everyone is arriving and ordering at the same time—patience is a virtue.

Come and support the readers from our Fall 2016 Creative Writing classes, including readings of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and memoir. Feel free to let us know you're coming on Facebook.

Tuesday, January 24
7 p.m.

La Bella in Ghent
738 W. 22nd St., Suite 7, Norfolk, 622-6172

Readers: Martin Buoncristiani, Donna Conover, Christopher De Matteo, Nita Everton, Rachel Francis, Shawn Girvan, Jacob Gregory, Rebecca Burcher Jones, Catherine Malley, Karrie Loomis McDaniels, Celina Santana, Harriet Schley, Ralph Schvartz, Rodney Williamson, Margaret Young.

Come for dinner, drinks, and great words!

Teen Open Mic Night

Friday, March 24
7 p.m. (sign-ups)
7:30-9 p.m. (open mic)

at The Muse Writers Center

2200 Colonial Ave. Suite #3, Ghent, Norfolk, 23517, 818-9880 (Directions and maps).

Open to Teens 12-17. Come read original short stories, poetry, and creative nonfiction.

Sign-ups begin at 7 p.m. Approximately 5-minute slots available. The event will be chaperoned, and the teens request the audience be mostly teens beside the chaperones. After the November Open Mic, the next one will be January 20.

Pizza & Refreshments Provided!

More Information: Email Noa Greenspan at or visit our Facebook event page.

Join other 12-17 year olds for a fun night of listening to and reading original writing!

Pressing Poetry: Exhibition & Reading by Amanda Galvan-Huynh

Sunday, January 29
2-3 p.m.

at The Muse Writers Center

2200 Colonial Ave. Suite #3, Ghent, Norfolk, 23517, 818-9880 (Directions and maps). Let us know you're coming on Facebook.

Come join us for the opening of the new letterpress exhibition of pieces written and created by Amanda Galvan-Huynh.

Just Write Saturday

Saturday, February 4
1-8 p.m.

at The Muse Writers Center

2200 Colonial Ave. Suite #3, Ghent, Norfolk, 23517, 818-9880 (Directions and maps). Let us know you're coming on Facebook.

Leave your distractions at home, and join us for an open writing day at The Muse Writers Center. How long can you sit down and write? The goal is to bring your laptop or notebook and write all day if you’d like, in a loose and creative environment. Writing prompts will be on every whiteboard in case you need a little extra inspiration. Bring a bag lunch or feel free to order something from one of our many local restaurants. Just Write Saturday is free and open to all writers; you are welcome to come at any time from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Donations accepted. Hosted by Kate Copeland and Debra Frech.

The Muse Jam

7-10 p.m., the 2nd Friday of each month

At The Muse Writers Center (2200 Colonial Ave. Suite #3., Ghent, Norfolk, (Directions and maps). Hosted by Dan Duke. Open to all.

Everyone's the Audience, Everyone Can Play

Join us for an evening where everyone is welcome to make music, sing, read, laugh, or just hang out and listen. This is not an "open-mic" with a sign-up list. The Muse Jam is more fun! We'll alternate between individual-led and collaborative performance and pure unplugged jams. Who's welcome? Anyone from beginners to professionals, whether you like to play an instrument or just listen, sing or be sung to, read your work or hear great stories and poems, practice your standup or improv or laugh yourself silly. Feel free to bring songbooks, sheet music, instruments, and friends. Suggested donation: $2 (goes to our scholarship funds; donation not required to attend).

Writers Supporting Writers:
Talk it out, Write it Out

1-3 p.m., the 1st Saturday of each month

at The Muse Writers Center

2200 Colonial Ave. Suite #3, Ghent, Norfolk, 23517, 818-9880 (Directions and maps). Let us know you're coming on Facebook.

Don't curse your blank screen again—come vent with us, collaborate with us, brainstorm with us, advise us, and get advice from us on the numerous issues related to writing from beginning a short or long project to finding an agent, publisher, mentor. This free writers salon will be a melding of minds, where the wisdom of the group is mightier than the single pen. Hosted by Karen Tatum.

Write-In: Slover Library

The Slover Library
235 E. Plume St., Norfolk, 23510, 431-7462

2nd Saturdays of each month
2:30 p.m. (come by anytime until 4 p.m.)

Sponsored by: The Slover Library and The Muse Writers Center
Join other writers in a place with no pressure, no critiquing, and no deadlines. Just a place for writing inspiration and practice.

-Beginners and experienced writers welcome; teens and adults; all genres
-Writing exercises and fun prompts led by area authors
-Find library resources designed to help writers
-Share your work (if you want to) and get your creativity flowing

You deserve one hour of writing freedom this month! Join us!.

Saturday, January 14: Muse Teacher presenting writing prompts: Sarah McCall

Saturday, February 11: Muse Teacher presenting writing prompts: Alison Schoew

Saturday, March 11: Muse Teacher presenting writing prompts: Liz Argento

Saturday, April 8: Muse Teacher presenting writing prompts: Jeffrey Hecker

Saturday, May 13: Muse Teacher presenting writing prompts: Ellen Bryson

More To Be Announced

1st Friday Writers' Coffee Break

at Cafe Stella
10:30 a.m.-Noon

1907 Colonial Ave., Ghent, Norfolk, 23517, 625-0461

Join us every 1st Friday of the month from 10:30 a.m.-Noon at Cafe Stella in Ghent for an informal get-together where area writers and Muse teachers, students, and friends enjoy conversation and camaraderie over a (perhaps much needed) coffee break. Each month will be hosted by different Muse teachers, who will be available to answer questions from current and prospective students about their classes, The Muse, and writing in general in addition to just hanging out over a cup of coffee or tea. Feel free to let us know you're coming on Facebook.

Friday, February 3: Co-hosted by Sylvia Liu and Michael Khandelwal

Friday, March 3: Co-hosted by John Aguiar and Michael Khandelwal

Friday, April 7: Co-hosted by Leslie Entsminger and Michael Khandelwal

Friday, May 5: Co-hosted by Ellen Bryson and Michael Khandelwal

Friday, June 2: Co-hosted by Robbie Ciara and Michael Khandelwal

Friday, July 7: Co-hosted by Skye Zentz and Michael Khandelwal

Friday, August 4: Co-hosted by Renee Olander and Michael Khandelwal

More To Be Announced

Come and join us!

Book Lovers Bash 2016

Thank you
The Book Lovers Bash was a great success!
Thank you to everyone who attended! We hope you had a great time!
Check out our photos on Facebook.
Thank you! to our committee: Beth Bilderback, Holly Chacon, Kathryn Copeland, Alicia Wright Dekker (Chairperson), Jen Edwards, Gretchen Gillen, Michael Khandelwal, Kelly Sokol, Ann Sullivan, Jane T. White
Thank you! to our volunteers: Eli Bilderback, Lin Kaatz Chary, Helen Dekker, Emmy Demmin, Sean Devereux, Jack DuBeau, Zach Earnest, Evan Hartley, Omar Haro-Perez, Wesley Harper, Janel Bailey Keen (Vivid Expressions Consulting), Eli Kohn, Brad McMurran, Sophia Moskowitz, Bryon Ramos, Justin Savino, Hank Thompson, Alba Woolard
A special thank you!: Katie Arroyo, Astro Entertainment, Cuisine & Company, Express Valet, Luisa Igloria, Tim Seibles, Bonnie Shaw, Slover Library, Stage Right Lighting, Karla Stead
Thank you! to our sponsors: Colley Avenue Copies & Graphics, Astro Entertainment, Kim & Andrew Fink, Michael Khandelwal & Stephanie Catherines, Levin Family Properties, MRI & CT Diagnostics, Kelly Sokol, Stage Right Lighting, The Unprotected, Robin & Peter Bernath, Corrigan Partners, Pamela McWhorter Hurley & Charlotte Hurley, Tommy & Meg Leeman, The Space Above Yoga Center, Grace Tazewell, Yorgo's Bageldashery, Ellen Bryson, Cynthia Carlson, Holly & Joaquin Chacon, Henry & Cynthia Conde, Christina & Bruce Dalcher, Dekker Psychological Center, Melissa Page Deutsch, Jennifer & Robert Edwards, Lee Entsminger, Leslie Entsminger, Gretchen Gillen, Matt and Tracy Jackson, Dominic & Carolina Johnson, Lemon Tree Gallery and Studio, MMC Benefits, Southern Bank, Sullivan Law Group, Jane White, Wilbanks, Smith & Thomas Asset Management, Mary & Jim Veverka, Margaret Libby Davis, Kim Engebrigtsen, Paul Engebrigtsen, Margaret Libby Davis, Rebecca Burcher Jones, Stephen Jones, Victoria Kelly, Alisa Landrum, Rochelle McKoy, Marc Pessar, Angela Winters, Konrad Winters

Wow! Thank You! 2016 Give Local 757

Thank you
Thank you to everyone who donated, shared, liked, and/or sent great energy our way during Give Local 757 2016! Our goal was to raise $10,000 (in 2015, we raised $8,700 with 156 donors; and in 2014, we raised $3,000 with 48 donors). This year, we raised more than $12,800 from about 239 generous donors!
In 24-ish hours, we raised $8,610.75 online, $700 in offline donations (when the national server got picked for jury duty), $1,514 in bonus donations, and then, among 223 other nonprofits, we won a $2,000 donation prize for having the third highest number (225) of online donors. That means you, and we really, really appreciate it.
Special Prize to Donors: We three names from our list of donors to win one of three gift certificates for a free Muse seminar. The winners are: Sarah Hill, Mary Wilt, and Michael Shaw.
Did you know? The Muse provides tuition assistance and scholarships to more than 100 students each year, and helps send 3 people to college each year. We just moved into a beautiful new 2,700 sq. ft. facility, complete with a library and an auditorium, and we offer more than 200 classes and serve more than 1,100 students (from age 8 to post-retirement) each year, and The Muse helps give writers a voice, organizing readings and open mics for more than 300 adults, teens, and kids each year. Your donations will help us continue to grow and better serve the community! Thank you for your support!
Give Local 757 is sponsored locally by the Peninsula Community Foundation, The Southeast Virginia Community Foundation, and The Hampton Roads Community Foundation and was part of a nationwide 24-hour giving event. Thank you very much to these three local foundations for their help and support.
Even though this event is concluded, you can always donate to The Muse.

Our 239 Generous Donors:

12 Anonymous Donors,
Timothy Seibles,
Barbara Taylor,
Peter Schulman,
Govind Khandelwal,
Lisa Vincent,
Charles Hecht-Leavitt,
Ellen Bryson,
Mary Jean Kledzik,
Ronald Kledzik,
Kimberly Engebrigtsen,
Lewis Foster,
Daniel Brame,
Sheri Beyrau,
Lisa Barr,
Kathryn Copeland,
Cynthia Carlson,
Sarah Hill,
Evan Grummell,
Mary Veverka,
Kelly Sokol,
Noah and Leslie Renn (in Memory of D. R. Smithson),
Marilyn Barton,
Shawn & Jennifer Girvan,
Robert Edwards,
Christopher De Matteo,
Leslie & Lee Entsminger,
Evans Poston,
Patricia Corbus (in honor of Michael Khandelwal),
Patrick Evans-Hylton (In Memory of Wayne K. Hylton),
Al Markowitz,
Lamar Giles,
Suzanne Rhodes (In memory of Eve Shelnutt),
Peter Porosky,
Christopher McCarthy,
Lisa Grimes,
Alicia Dekker (with thanks to all the wonderfully talented instructors at The Muse),
Laura Beraha (in memory of Frank Kelly Freas),
Dixie Dickinson (in honor of the Naro Theater),
Debra Frech,
Wendy Schofer,
Michael Frost,
Anne Marie Lyons,
Jane White,
Michael Khandelwal,
Karla Martin,
Kelley McGee-Sousa,
Gretchen Gillen,
Richard Levin,
Renee Olander (in honor of Martha Iredell),
Kindra McDonald,
Debbie Duncan,
Randy Duncan,
Joni Baker,
Gail Perry,
Angela Schlein,
Tim Sterken,
Gillian Durham,
Christie Davenport,
Kathryn Puerini,
Scott Fales,
Sarah Pringle,
David Cascio,
Matt Jackson,
Sally Hartman (in honor of Stephanie Calway),
Charles Wilson,
Rhonda Adkins,
Sheldon Leavitt (in honor of David),
Alison Schoew,
Mary Wilt,
Susan VanHecke,
Sherene Silverberg,
Millicent Accardi,
Cheryl Hornung,
Erin Beaty,
Michael Park,
William Ballard,
William & Anagene Loebick (in honor of Celina Santana),
Bennie & Annie Barnes,
Lynn Clements (in honor of Muse instructor Leslie Clements),
Bob Baxter,
Carla Earnest,
Victoria Kelly,
William Ayres,
Mark Hunter,
Michael Knepler,
Jon Van Laarhoven,
Ruben Igloria,
Caswell Richardson,
Janet & David Berry (in honor of Sarah Berry),
Austin Rankin,
Milt Saunders,
Rusty Cullen,
Marian Leavitt (in honor of David),
Ann Burrows,
Elaine Panneton,
Meghan Maki,
Emily Howell,
Phyllis Fedele,
Sheila Sheppard (in honor of Patti Hinson!),
Christina Dalcher,
David Wilhelm,
Pamela McWhorter Hurley (in honor of Robert L. McWhorter III),
Stephanie Catherines,
Nicki Toy,
Marc Leon Pessar (in honor of Luisa Igloria and Tim Seibles),
Elizabeth Bilderback,
Harriet S Buchholz,
Cecelia A Hagen,
Celina Santana,
Kim Lewandowski,
Gareth Trollope,
Lisa Booth,
Mandy Pennington,
Linda Unseth (in honor of The First Look Film Forum at the Naro Theater),
Tucker L Casanova,
Cab Calloway Spates,
George Kelley,
Ginny Werner,
Doris H Gwaltney,
Harold Rick Hite,
Kat Lineker,
Karla Loebick (in honor of Keith Mincey),
Barbara Carlson,
Dennis Andrews,
Mandy Martin,
Ann Sullivan,
Danielle Leibovici,
Kelley McGee-Sousa,
Jennifer Hitchcock (in honor of Bernard Sanders),
Stephen Burgess,
Joan Rhodes-Copeland,
Brynne Burgess,
Kelly Burgess,
Scott Wertz,
Lauran Strait (in honor of all the board members of Hampton Roads Writers),
Tessa Solee,
Liz Philpott (in thanks to the wonderful teen workshop instructors!),
Sarah Pishko,
Emily Melnitchouk,
Nathan Richardson (in honor of Hollis Pruitt),
Janella Hecker (Mad props to my sister Alicia Dekker!),
Helen Dekker (in memory of Miss Julia (Dr. Julia Hislop)),
Kristina Malleck,
Laura King (in memory of Julia Hislop),
Archie Whitehill,
Patrick West,
Taniki Richard,
Jason Dietz,
Bob Vincent,
Meg Leeman,
Konrad Winters,
Denise Cassella (in honor of my brother, David Cascio, who currently attends The Muse),
Melissa Deutsch,
Heather Paine,
John Chappell,
Dan Duke,
Nicole Carry,
Karl and Nancy Blumenberg,
Katie Glick,
Stephanie Becker,
Greg and Beth Murphy & Family (in honor of Scott Wertz),
Jeffrey Becker,
Loraine Schroeder,
Erin Lindstrom,
Kim Crowley,
Norinda Rodney,
Robert Sawyer,
Terry Lyle,
Judy Kaplowitz,
Cheryl Hornung,
Stephanie Brannick,
Pamela Crenshaw,
Eimile Campbell,
Karen Corrigan,
Simon Hounslow,
Patricia Hinson,
Trudy Hinson,
Reeves Mahoney,
Kathy Brobst (in honor of Michael Khandelwal),
Lily Hecht-Leavitt (in honor of Charles Hecht-Leavitt),
James Dekker,
Anthony Schober,
Jacqueline Hixson,
Donna Simmons (in Memory of Len Wines),
Holly Dekker,
M. Alyssa ONeal,
Courtney Dyer,
Susan Larson (in honor of Michael Khandelwal),
Kathy Sarosdy (in honor of Mary and Doug Weaver),
Katie Hitchcock,
Lucy Bartamian (in honor of Michael Khandelwal),
Amy Hartley,
Rosemary Ayres,
Anonymous Donors,
Jason Gunning (in memory of Afeni Shakur gone 4 days before Mothers Day, Dear Momma!),
Delona Southerland,
Jim Roberts,
Push Comedy Theater,
Dennis B McMurran,
Joy R Dean,
Zida Ash,
Jennifer Pattison,
Gustavo Mastrapa,
Steven Blythe,
Sylvia Liu,
Collin Norman,
Sherrie Pilkington,
Linda Cobb (in honor of Treva & Charles Cobb),
Kent Miller,
Hollie Sessoms,
Andria McClellan,
Christine Neikirk,
Lane Ritter,
Scott Cramer,
Amanda Huynh (in honor of Cheryl Kutcher),
Dominic Johnson,
Deepak Ray,
Chap Percival,
Michael Shaw,
Andrea Dicarlo,
Dalbe Markman,
Remica Bingham-Risher,
Kasee Renshaw,
Bettye Potts,
Brian Markman (in honor of Jeff Markman),
Lee Bachas

Thank You!
New Muse Grand (Re-)Opening

We have many, many people to thank for making our Grand Opening a huge success! The shining success we had on Saturday, January 30 wouldn’t have happened without the help of these kind people. Thank you: Jennifer Adams, John Aguiar, Ernesto Alonso, Ernie Alonso, Leticia Alonso, Rickey Alonso, Alt Daily, Dena Bage, Steve Burgess, Ellen Bryson, Barbara Carlson, Cindy Carlson, Stephanie Catherines, Dakota Chacon, Holly Chacon, Jack Chacon, Joaquin Chacon, Robbie Ciara, Colley Avenue Copies and Graphics, Kathryn Copeland, Karen Corrigan, Vanessa Crump, Shannon Curtin, Bruce Dalcher, Christina Dalcher, Maggie Libby Davis, Alicia Dekker, Christopher De Matteo, Andrea DiCarlo, Dan Duke, Rob Edwards, Rick Eley, The First Look Film Forum, Rick Fischer, Matt Foster, Jake Fowler, Eric Frankenberg, Michael Frost, Gretchen Gillen, Shawn Girvan, Dexter Gore, Alexandria Guster, Alyssa Guster, The Handsome Biscuit, Evan Hartley, David Hausmann, Lori Hendricks, Home Depot, Simon Hounslow, Emily Howell, Greg Hues, Charlotte Hurley, Pamela Hurley, Lauren Hurston, Jeff Hux, Amanda Huynh, Luisa Igloria, Dennis Kelley, Michael Khandelwal, La Bella in Ghent, Rebecca Lane, Alice Lee, Greg Lee, Anna Lehman, Richard Levin, Angee Loebick, Bill Loebick, Michal Mahgerefteh, Luna Maya, Sarah McCall, Ann McCarthy, John McCarthy, Kindra McDonald, Brad McMurran, Karla Montano, Vivian Montano, Sarah Munford, Romi Musni, The Naro Expanded Cinema, Lydia Netzer, The New Leaf, Norfolk Plumbing, Alyssa O’Neal, Joy Pabst, Greg Peterman, Tench Phillips, Plaza del Sol, Susan Pollock, Sarah Pringle, Printcraft Engraving, Laurel Quarberg, Leslye Reaves, The Reliable Remodeler, Noah Renn, Sharifa Reynolds, Charles Rhodes, Suzanne Rhodes, Celina Santana, Hector Santana, Jesse Scaccia, Alison Schoew, Kelly Sokol, Emilio Sousa, Johannes Speckheuer, Ann Sullivan, Karen Tatum, Phyllis Thompson, Kenny Tomasits, Pablo Torres, The Virginian-Pilot, Denise Watson, Sean Wiggins, Heather Wiggs, Carter Williams, Konrad Winters, Donna Wynn, Yorgo's Bageldashery, Skye Zentz.

Thank You! 2015 Give Local 757

Thank you
Thank you to everyone who donated, shared, liked, and/or sent great energy our way during Give Local 757 2015! Our goal was to raise $5,000 (in 2014, we raised $3,000 with 48 donors). This year, we raised more than $8,700 from about 156 generous donors! That's way above our goal, and nearly three times what we raised last year with more than three times the number of donors! We are still waiting on final numbers and matching funds, but we'll announce that when we know it.
The Muse provides tuition assistance and scholarships to more than 100 students each year, and helps send 3 people to college each year. We offer more than 180 classes and serves more than 1,000 students (from age 9 to post-retirement) each year, and The Muse helps give writers a voice, organizing readings and open mics for more than 200 adults, teens, and kids each year. The Muse is Hampton Roads' only literary center and is ranked in the top-10 in the country! Your donations will help us continue to grow and better serve the community! Thank you for your support!
Even though this event is concluded, you can always donate to The Muse.

Our 156 Generous Donors:

5 Anonymous Donations
Jennifer Adams
Diane Adams-Donatoni
Rhonda Adkins
Jeff Andrews
Dennis Andrews
Bill Ayres
Emily Baine
Joni Baker
Bill Ballard
Bob Baxter
Jeffrey Becker
Laura Beraha
(in honor of Frank Kelly Freas)
Jon Berry
Sheri Beyrau
Remica Bingham-Risher
Damon Booth
Lisa Booth
Catherine Borden
Andrea Bourguignon
Kathy Brobst
(in honor of Michael Khandelwal)
Eileen Bryant
Harriet S Buchholz
Eimile Campbell
Ed Carden
Sandy Carden
Cynthia Carlson
Sarah Carter
Stephanie Catherines
John Chappell
Gregory Cina
Leslie Clements
Lynn Clements
(in honor of Leslie Clements)
Kathryn Copeland
Pat & Burt Corbus
Karen Corrigan
Kathleen Damiani
Christie Davenport
Chris De Matteo
Leona Defreitas
Alicia Dekker
(in honor of Julia Hislop)
Shawn Drew
Dan Duke
Carla, David. & Zach Earnest
Debbie Eddings
Robert Edwards
Laine Elliott
Nicole Emmelhainz
Kimberly Engebrigtsen
Leslie Entsminger
(in honor of Michael Khandelwal)
Patrick Evans-Hylton
Scott Fales
Phyllis Fedele
Kim Fink
Tammy Flynn
Selina Foreman
Michael Frost
Donna Fuhrmann
Barbara Gardner
Donald Garrett
Lamar Giles
Lisa Grimes
Channing Guvernator
Kathryn Jane Harper
Sally Hartman
Virginia Harvey
Caitlin Hayes
Charles Hecht-Leavitt
Trudy Hinson
Patti Hinson
Jennifer Hitchcock
Jacqueline Hixson
Cheryl Hornung
(in honor of my daughter and granddaughter—Alicia and Helen Dekker)
Jason Huff
Mark Hunter
Pamela McWhorter Hurley
Jeff Hutson
Luisa Igloria
Matt Jackson
Lynn Jacobs
Dominic Johnson
Michael Jones
Victoria Kelly
Michael Khandelwal
Govind Khandelwal
Laura King
(in honor of Julia Hislop who loved the Muse and all who gathered there to write and laugh together)
Mary Jean Kledzik
(in honor of Michael Khandelwal)
Ronald Kledzik
(in honor of Michael Khandelwal)
Sara Kooij
Divya Kumar
Alice Lee
Susan Lilly
Sylvia Liu
Sheila Lovelady
(in honor of Michael Khandelwal)
Kristina Malleck
Mandy Martin
Sarah McCall
Kindra McDonald
Brad McMurran
Emily Melnitchouk
Paula Miller
Theresa Odello
(in honor of Michael Khandelwal)
Renee Olander
(in honor of Virginia Armstrong)
Elaine Panneton
Michael Park
Jennifer Pattison
Mandy Pennington
Gail Perry
Marc Pessar
Shannah Plutchak
Stella Pomianek
Komala Ponniah
Sarah Pringle
Kathryn Puerini
Margaret Rashti
Leslye Reaves
Shawn Rockhold
Angela Schlein
Wendy Schofer
Christine Schonrock
Loraine Schroeder
Timothy Seibles
Hollie Sessoms
Brittany Shearer
Donna M Simmons
(in honor of Len Wines)
Melissa Sipin
Timothy Siverd
Kelly Sokol Avery
Tessa Solee
Kelley Sousa
(in honor of Myrna)
Cab Spates
Lisa Speckheuer
Chris Stone
Lauran and Bob Strait
Ann Sullivan
Barbara Taylor
Paul Tschiderer
Mary Veverka
Marc Villaflor
Lisa Vincent
Rick Voight
Ava Vollbrecht
Thom Vourlas
Ted Warren
Harold Weaver
Rich Werber
David Wilhelm
Rodney Williamson
(in honor of Keyser Soze)
Chuck Wilson
Mary Wilt
Konrad Winters
Hilary Wriggers
Donna Wynn
James Young
(in honor of Michael and Barbara)

Thank You! 2014 Give Local 757

The Muse
Thank you to everyone who donated, shared, liked, and/or sent great energy our way for our first online fundraiser! We raised more than $3,000 and also received $600 in two bonus donations!
Give Local 757 was part of a 24-hour online nationwide event, featuring hundreds of communities and thousands of nonprofits and sponsored locally by the Peninsula Community Foundation.
This money will go a long way toward helping us maintain our community and provide great classes and seminars, great teachers, and great scholarships at The Muse.
Thank You for a great day!
Even though this event is concluded, you can always donate to The Muse.

Our 48 Generous Donors:

Five Anonymous Donors
Kelly Avery
Jeffrey Becker
Jon Berry
Andrea Bourguignon
Cindy Carlson
Stephanie Catherines
Monica Cetrone
John Chappell
Gregory Cina
Shawn Drew
Courtney Dyer
Robert Edwards
Kimberly Engebrigtsen
Scott Fales
Selina Foreman
Albert Hartley
Caitlin Hayes
Charles Hecht-Leavitt
Leslie Hecht-Leavitt
Lily Hecht-Leavitt
Janella Hecker (In recognition
of the hard work and dedication
of Alicia Dekker)

Patti Hinson
Jennifer Hitchcock
Cheryl Hornung (a tribute to
all the writers in her family,
especially her father)

Pamela McWhorter Hurley
Stella Jones
Govind Khandelwal
Michael Khandelwal
Frank Kozusko
Mandy Martin
Patrick McCarthy
Kent Miller
Lori Pennington
Marc Pessar
Shawn Rockhold
Loraine Schroeder
Barbara Scout
Kelley Sousa
Karen and Chris Steele
Barbara J. Taylor
Rick Voight
David Wilhelm
Valerie Wilkinson